The Payment Processors Are Shutting Us Down. Online SAles Will Stop After 11/30... Supply Reduced To 5k Coins Total
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FINALLY, Precious Metals + The Power of Crypto: 
Limited Edition XRP Army Coin for #NinjaNation"

About The XRP Army Coin
Introducing the XRP Army Coin, a stunning creation born from a collaboration between Patrick and the Economic Ninja in 2023. This limited-edition coin is not just a collector's dream; it's a fusion of precious metals and cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology.

Crafted from 1 ounce of .9999 fine silver, the XRP Army Coin is a symbol of elegance and strength. Its exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail make it a true masterpiece.

But this coin is more than just a work of art. It's also a secure cold storage wallet for the digital age. Encased within its silver core is the power of 100 XRP, safely loaded and protected by a state-of-the-art holographic seal.

The secure hologram safeguards the coin's private key, ensuring that your XRP holdings remain impervious to threats. With the XRP Army Coin, you can hold your cryptocurrency in your hand, knowing it's as secure as it is beautiful.

This collaboration between Patrick and the Economic Ninja represents a convergence of expertise, vision, and a commitment to innovation. The XRP Army Coin is not just a collector's item; it's a testament to the future of cryptocurrency storage, where the physical and digital worlds seamlessly unite.
XRP Army Coin Front Design
Minted from 1 oz .999 fine silver (AG), the XRP Army Coin's front proudly bears the mint year and a powerful declaration, "NOT THIS TIME," atop the Economic Ninja's iconic logo. It highlights the substantial 100 XRP at its core, with XRP logo adorning its left and right sides.

The front of the coin is meant to represent a symbol of innovation, self sovereignty, strength and the community of #NinjaNation.

*Note there will be a tamperproof seal and hologram on delivered coins*

Reverse Design On The XRP Army Coin
On the reverse side of the XRP Army Coin, a 1" holographic tamper-proof sticker stands guard, ensuring the utmost security for the private keys protecting the valuable 100 XRP within.

Above on the top of the coin, "XRP ARMY" boldly declares its presence and support of the XRP Army... On the bottom of the coin, "1 oz .999 Silver" reaffirms its precious composition. And finally you'll notice the elegant XRP logo gracefully adorning the sides with 100 XRP listed, underscoring the coin's commitment to safeguarding your digital assets with uncompromising integrity.
XRP Army Coin Specifications
Important Details Of The Coin
  • ​1 oz .999 Silver (AG)
  • Minted by Sunshine Minting INC. 7600 Eastgate Rd Henderson, NV 89011
  • Collaboration Between Economic Ninja, Patrick Hakim & StockPulse
  • ​Only 10K 5k total coins will be minted
  • ​Each Coin Is Funded With 100 XRP
  • ​A 1" Tamperproof Holographic Seal Covers The Private Keys On The Coin
  • ​The coin is 1.5" in diameter and .100" Thick
Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Is The XRP Coin Worth?
They are worth what someone is willing to pay for it... and some coins may be more rare than others and therefore be worth more... But with that said, there is 100 XRP on the coin and it contains 1 oz of .999 Silver. So the face value of the coin is the market price of xrp*100 + market price of silver*1oz. But since it's a collectors item the collectors market will determine its value
How Much Silver Is In The Coin?
There is 1 oz of .999 Fine Silver per coin.
What's The Black Friday Special?
All coins ordered from Monday 11/20 to 11/30 will be available for our special Black Friday Pricing. No matter the quantity each coin will be availble for $265 + $1 Shipping (domestic only. International is still $100 shipping).
Why Only 5k Coins Now?
We originally set out to produce 10k coins, but we ran into a few roadblocks with the banks and payment processors. We have been told that it's likely our payment processing accounts will be shut down after 11/30. So that has limited what we can do in terms of online sales.
What's The Difference Between "Funded" And "Unfunded"?
Funded means the coins come funded with the XRP, while unfunded means the coins are capable of holding the XRP but do not currently have any on it. These coins are funded.
Are These Coins Funded?
These coins are all funded with 100 XRP.
Can I Buy Or Sell These Coins At Banks?
You can't buy them at banks, nor should you try to sell them at banks... These are not legal tender. 
How Do I Get The XRP Off The Coin?
If you decide you want to remove the XRP from the coin you can do so by peeling up the tamperproof seal to reveal your private keys. You can then input those private keys into a wallet in order to send the funds. Although you can do this, we don't recommend you do, because it may negatively effect the collectible’s value in the collector market. 
When Will These Coins Be Shipped?
Each coin is hand finished and because of that we are aiming to get all the priority shipping done before Christmas. So we expect orders to start shipping out starting the first week of December. But we will keep you updated throughout the process for when these coins will ship. 
Who To Contact If I Have Questions?
If you have questions about buying these coins, you can reach out to for help.

or if you're a customer please reach out to
What About Refunds?
While we hope that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, we understand things can change and we are open to refunds... BUT only before the coins have shipped. You must notify us before your coins have shipped in order to be eligible for a refund. Please just send an email to and our team will happily take care of you. 
How Will These Coins Be Shipped?
The coins are going to be shipped primarily through USPS and they will be insured. 
Who Makes These Coins?
These coins are minted and approved by Sunshine Minting Inc. One of the largest and more reputable coin mints in the world. Then after the physical coin is minted, Patrick and his team are responsible for securely attaching the wallets to each individual coin. This process is done by hand and each coin is individually verified to be secure.
Are These Coins Even Created Yet?
The coins are in the process of being created. The process from start to finish will take a couple months. That is one of the reasons why the majority will likely be shipped before Christmas.
How Can I Sell These Coins?
One of the easiest ways to sell these coins if you choose is through the collectors club group. It's our own private community and marketplace. If you'd like to join, email
Can I Wait Until The Coins Are Created And Buy Them?
Maybe... It's possible that there will be a few coins left over in January after all the coins are finalized and created... But it's unlikely. And on top of that, we are shipping and handing out the coins based on the order of orders that come through. And since these coins are collectibles some collectors value the first coins produced over later ones. So by waiting you might not only miss an opportunity to buy a coin, but also an opportunity to get a rare coin.
I Purchased The Ninja Upgrade, What Does It Do?
If you purchased the Ninja Upgrade during the checkout, it does a couple things. 1) It moves you up in priority to get your coins. 2) It comes with a few perks... You'll get rare, custom COA's for each one of the coins in your order. And one of the coins in your order will be signed by Ninja. You'll also get access to an exclusive AMA with Patrick (The coin creator) and Ninja.
I Purchased The Collectors Club
Congratulations! You should receive access to the collectors club via email here in the next few days. Make sure to check that out to find your username and password.
I Want To Buy More Coins?
Thats' fantastic if you'd like to buy more coins. One benefit of buying more coins is that you will have to go through the order process again and by doing so you'll be able to get access to all the bonuses and upgrades again. This is a good way to get multiple signed coins by Ninja or pick up one of the exclusive offers if you feel you missed out.
I Purchased The Order Upgrades, What's The Return Policy?
If you purchased one of the order upgrades, you can request a refund at any time during the 30 days following your purchase. If you request a refund, you will lose access to the products... 

Who To Contact If You Have Questions:

These rare coins won't last long. Secure Your coins today and help support #XRPArmy
Limited Edition... Get Your Coins Before They Are Gone
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